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Short and freaky. Look forward to more from you!

Cool game, it was ight!

It's the 1st one I play in the video


hey! I played your game and had a blast, reminded me of when I used to stay in an apartment lol. Just without the entity. Looking forward to future games!

I had a good time with this game!!! Although it was a bit short, it still got me! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

Neat little game, good work. I liked the buildup and tension, although I wish it was a little bit longer. Keep up the good work!

really cool game keep up the good work :)

I did like this game, wish it was more of a scare with the monster tho like maybe a little longer, i played it if anyone wants to see

It might be a regional thing but this apartment is tiny and hotel shaped. But backwards if that makes sense. Love the style, the mirrors on that armoire are mesmerizing.

I lik.

YO this game was pretty cool! I enjoy games with this type of style, it brings out a ominous feel for sure! Had a GRAND ol' time playin it!

Another scary game! The jumpscare at the end really got me, though I was a bit confused with the lack of exposition. But, it was still a good experience and PSX game. Thanks so much for sharing it!

As a fan of psx horror, this was an interesting take on the short film, Knock Knock. That said, it felt too much of an exact replica, but I guess that may have been the idea. Overall, decent short game with some good spooks.

a quick and effective short horror experience, it’s definitely worth a quick play I admit I did get spooked a bit. 

(This was the second game I played in this video) Great little short game for some quick spooks! 

What a fun, short little experience! I had fun! Keep up the good work, I hope to see more!

Short but sweet!

Short but not too bad. Could've used multiple endings perhaps though. Made a video on it.

It was creepy 

The game was short, to the point, and the neighbors kept pounding on the wall.. Nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Nice little game.

Great atmosphere in this, good work :)

I will be playing this tomorrow live 9/19 around 7 PM EST =D.


I glad you like!



Loved your game and the retro graphics/color scheme. Short and fun(ny) little horror story, definitely phobic but also mellow. Thanks for creating :)

This was a fun game although the game was a bit too long. maybe tune it down a bit next time

muy nice

buen juego

so i saw knock knock a couple months ago and love that its based off it, because its a truly great short horror, and i think you really done a fantastic job with atmosphere and visuals the only thing i was not fussed on was the character model for the monster, i do believe i have seen that model a couple of times or something similar to it, it would of been nice to have something a little more unique but that's probably just me being a little fussy, regardless i enjoyed this alot! its the first game on my video and its chaptered so its easy to find, anyone taking time to watch i just want to say thank you! I'm about to become partner on YouTube and honestly its partly because of the fantastic community on itch so thank you everyone! 

Nice short game.

Thanks, nice video!

Such a brilliant game!!! Daamn!
I did not expect to be scared when the TV turned off the first time, but somehow, the atmosphere was so good man! Bravo! 

I loved the look of the game, the sound design, but most of all the atmosphere felt creepy. Like that room inspecting moment was just awesome and reminded me of a Silent Hill game for sure.

It was short, but very well made. Great Job Gabriel! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Thanks Niven! :)


Nice game! Played here :)


Thanks for playing! :)

Don't know why but I f*cking loved this game! Should be proud man.

Thanks =)

Great game :)


thanks bro!


well this game set off my anti virus :/


Nice Game, Very good!

nice creepy

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The game was amazing,truely amazing.The psx style with cc6 is great.Really.The graphics,fx everything was great.Also very nicely made and the detail you added from that short flim was truely amazing.Big Big Thumsup to you.Its in my top 5 psx style horror game's.I would like to talk to you in discord.

love it so much thank you 

Thanks :)

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