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Enjoyed your game but it left me with so many questions!! 

Really cool gave just wish it was longer


I've linked my video below if anyone wants to check it out. Thanks in advance!

A short but decent indie horror game. It did definitely capture the experience of having really noisy neighbours, I'll give it that. 

There were a few things I didn't quite get, like if I was playing as two separate characters, why I entered room 44 & ended up at the exit to room 45, & who the heck that "guy" was. Either way it was still pretty fun so nice work!

Is a pretty creepy but way to short game. Your game is 1st and starts at 00:11

This was pretty neat, more of a psychological experience. Plays at 09:09 in video.

Thank for this game !

Short, but very much got to the point, lol. Really well made game!

Good game

good game


Hi I played your game!

I really enjoyed the game, the video was funny lmao.

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Hey ! My friend made a video on this game. I hope you’ll check it out !

The game is too short, and my video turned out to be short too. Watch the video!

A little confusing, but short and sweet. Keep it up!

It was fun just narrating the lives of people that are asking let me see where the sound is , let's not call the cops 😂

Video begins 3:04

I didn't understand the lore very well, but I liked the graphic, it would be nice to know what that bunch of fungus is

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I made a short about this game, hope you like it

Did a three scary games video, hope you'll check it out! Would love to see more from this


Very good atmoshpere!

The last game i played in video

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[Game 3] Was Very Loud At First But After That The Atmospheric Horror Was On Point! 

Unexpectedly Short but still a spooky experience, Nice Job...

Very short, but still spooky. I like the multiple perspectives.

Wow great short game! Kinda wish there was an option to knock on the door of the occupant and mess with them, but no complaints on my part! Nice!

Hey! I played this game in a short double feature I decided to make, hahah. Short but sweet. Thank you for making it! SO MUCH TRASH!

Can I play this game and put up the video of me playing the game on my  gaming channel and put small clips of that video on my other social medias, I will put the game name in post or comments

Yoo o/ Vi que voce é Br, então não vou precisar do google radutor 😂

Bom primeiramente parabens pelos seus games (cheguei a jogar there's nobody e dark taxi) e confesso que esse ultimo me deixou com um gostinho de 'querendo mais', pois poderia ter tido uma historinha um pouco mais longa :)

Mas de qualquer forma, eu gostei de ambos, a ambientacao e a sonoridade dos games, estavam no ponto. Com certeza irei jogar mais jogos seus :)

Ta aqui minha gameplay de There's Nobody e Dark Taxi, espero que curta :)

opa vlw! proximo jogo vindo ai em...

opa ai sim heim, quando tu lançar, eu irei dar uma olhada xD


É bem curto, porem é um jogo muito bom, Se trata de alguem batendo na porta na casa ao lado, e o jogador liga para a segurança para inspecionarem o local, ai o jogo começa, a experiencia é boa, vale a pena conferir si

This game is very short and at first I was confused with the point of view transitions but this game was scary and I enjoyed the story. I wished the game was longer though.

I loved the premise and atmosphere, the ending was very abrupt, though, I think this could be great if it got a bit more lore or set up for the final act. Great short :) 

Great game.  I really enjoyed it, keep up the good work.  I have to admit I got a little confused with the transitions as well but after playing a second time it was all pretty clear.  :)

I was confused on the transition from the employee to the main character. I got it after I saw the video on top. Great game, scared my ass. 10/10.

Really cool, glad to see more coppercube games coming out, I love this engine


The game was pretty silly and short. I loved the phone call however I wish it was longer. I played this game 3rd on my 3 Scary Games video.

Amazing!! Was not expecting the ending!! So much fun!!

very creepy and eerie. 

Can You Make It For Android?

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