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Good game even if i got lost a lot i finished it and i liked the gameplay did a good job keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

This game was really rage inducing but for some reason I still enjoyed playing it. Loved the graphics and concept but the whole walking part was mostly where the rage came from. 

Here's my gameplay of it:

felt like a walking simulator for most parts

Amazing game. I did a video on my channel! (Español)

Amazing game, here's my video on it 

awesome game

When he started chasing me I got Hella terrified, I was tensing so hard.

Very good! I love the direction you went with this one. Hope to see more like this!


Cutie guy

I thought the game was quite interesting but I died few times and had to replay the walking part which got quite boring. Still I hope you don't mind my type of humour, I still think the game was great! Can't wait to see future games made by you. Cheers! ❤

Nice game!

As a fellow horror dev, where did you find that cover? Did you make it or is it a template? I’ve seen it around itch and could’ve sworn I saw it as a template…


I made the model, and I made a gif of it running ;)

ah ok. Thanks!

bro game is perfect, but i got confused at one moment... I remember the moment where the main character said "I didn't reach because I'm a child", but then how could he get into the car? if he is a child

also here is my gameplay! 

I wish you were able to run from the start, became a walking sim for a bit for me at least. but fun overall!

I would totally fall for this IRL lol. The game was fun! I really liked the mechanic of driving the car. That was new; I thought it was just going to jump to cutscene, but nah. Cool ^^

Absolutely freaking great! Loved it and hoping for a "sequel"!

Loved it !

hey! thanks

That was pretty fun. I definitely got lost for a little while in all those trees but I had a good time being chased by that weirdo haha. Thanks!

Fun short game! Thank you dev. Really intense towards the end and runs nice and smooth. Good work!
FYI - The escape button quits the game

Great game, I managed to escape, I had a lot of fun.

I'm glad you like it!

Great game

Hey, Thanks


i cant finish the game the killer kills me instantly right when you are getting chased.

how do i get out of the cage

I'll update right now to make it easier!

perhaps i am just too stupid my friend

now it's easier


Very good game. very nice. Incredible. Very good.