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2/5 Puppet was kinda creepy. Way too easy. Left after night 2. Kinda fun pretty boring.


Good Game !!! Road To 430 subscribes

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buen juego siempre estoy atento a tus juegos xD v:

thanks ;)

Good Job! This is a really well made FNaF fangame!


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For being a FNaF fan game this was not bad. Power usage needs to be worked on a little bit though, even when doing nothing the power just drinks. Made a video on it.

idk why this game lags in the office lol


No-commentary playthrough

Great work! 

Great game!
I'm not a fan of FNAF, but I have played games before. This is really good. The camera is smooth, the lights and monster jump scare - bravo man. 


Hey Thanks!


Good game FNAD