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Really fun to play! Should be longer!

Você é o melhor! 😁✌




This gave me chills, I wished it could've been longer though, seems like a cool game tho :D

This game activated the fight or flight response

too short but the creature was cool :) and  a kinda weird  ending..need a part 2 

I have encountered the Always run bug as well. That's weird. But apart from this it is a great game!

its a short horror game but it was fun🦔

I really wanted to be friends with the creature, maybe in a sequel?

i thought it would be shit but when i saw capybara everything changed. 10/10

LOL HAHA, Thanks

Short but sweet.

The game has a little bug where you can't stop walking. I was also a bit confused what's going on. The game was funny though. It didn't seem like it but I enjoyed it for what it was. Cheers! ❤

This was a nice short game. Didn't know why I was in the middle of nowhere. Wish there were more to do but I had fun playing it.

Game starts at 00:19

Gave me the creeps and then got a little goofy. Overall not bad

This is super short and not alot to do but wait , still it had some good little scares! Great job! Game is second and starts at 06:26 

:D funny game, thank !

Funny game 

I liked it. It was simple yet spooky. Well done!

It was ok. Could have used multiple endings, but good start.


The game was interesting for the most part. Atmosphere could use a bit more work and I kinda wish there was a second ending considering that the knife was standing out.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

I didn't like it.

+ - good atmosphere.

- - It's not scary.

my assessment 2/10.

P.S I was scared only when the taxi honked.

Great game, crisp graphics and nice horror pacing. I found it unexpected and a little funny, and I like that the creature showed you your future. Interesting, thanks for creating :)

love this game

A short, amazing experience, that I would love to get more of. Maybe a couple alternate endings, or a bit more of playtime, would go a long way. Other than that, loved it! Cheers mate!

why the h*** you going to a place like that anyway

Short, and slightly comedic! The Capybaras gave me a little giggle, and the spooky man is quite spooky. for sure get spooky man to do more things! and make that walk longer, maybe with something lurking beside you. 

This was short and sweet, was a little interesting with a friendly creature in the beginning. I would liked more tension to be more on edge, but either way I liked how it turned out. Another solid game!

why is it a exe file? I t is downloading like 15kb/s. can you make it zip/rar please?

Hi, maybe the problem is with your internet connection.

It's not, mine did the same thing unfortunately. It took like 20 minutes

this is strange, I will try to solve

This is what I'm looking for in an interesting game. but Cool game😀

Marius: it's too late. I should do taxi home. The game is short but interesting


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Game was short, wierd with a slight hint of spooky. Needs more capybaras.            Check 00:33

Thanks LOL



I'm the creator of Last Bus Home, which you've seemingly taken inspiration from, which is completely fine, but the banner and background seem very similar to mine. There is a difference between taking inspiration and copying homework with a couple changes. I would appreciate if, for future projects, you didn't do that.

To actually suggest an alternative instead of just telling you what's wrong: I try to mimic the visual style of the game in the page design - the deep purple/blue represents the sky colour from the game and the low resolution logo represents the pixelated art style.

Thanks for your understanding :)

Hello! yes, there was an inspiration in your game.

I understand your side, and I will remove the image!

your game is very good!

You do not need to remove the image for this project if you don't want to; this is just for the future.


why did capybaras die?

capybaras are not real...

wasd wasd wasd wasd wasd

f 0j k k w a s d 

Can I ask how long do you guys play because I also want to play but afraid it too long LOL

Its less than ten minutes

Ok thanks

Short but effective. Thanks for sharing!


Full Play No Commentary 

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