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Short but not bad. Made a video on it.

What a spooky, kinda goofy, but enjoyable little game! I noticed a bug after the initial talk with the stranger where my character started walked on their own nonstop until I clicked some button (I think space). Otherwise, cool little experience. Thanks for sharing! 

I have a new YouTube channel, if you're interested in seeing my gameplay for this game then click here and if you're interested in my channel, check it out here!

whyy my horrors cant be a popular? or why some people doesnt see that?....

You could. I think you need to improve screenshots and icons a bit, people need to find the game among all the others out there. I'm not one to talk, but I hope this helps. Good luck, man!


Weird, good game, but weird.

I like it, First game in video.

Here's my gameplay. It was pretty good but if does need some work

Just uploaded this game to my channel. Loved the look and feel of the game. With it was longer but its still great for what it was.. Great job! 

Here's my video of it if interested in watching

I liked this game!  there were terrible moments.  good luck to the author of the game

why did these innocent capybaras had to suffer 

it's alright. however, i think the dialogue box should have it's contents spaced apart more, you should also expand the actual dialogue box.

anyways, the first thing i thought when i saw the gimp run across the other side of the road parallel to me was "that's just some guy going on a midnight jog"

right, uhh also, i think what would be better is if the player actually got in the taxi and spoke with the taxi driver for a little bit before the capybaras got fucking layed out



I will never wait for a taxi alone again 

This is what I think will happen the next time I do lol

great game 

ok i pull up

solid 8/10

What a fun game

Maybe I'm his friend. I want him to ride home with me. Is that ok? He seems to have done me no harm!

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It is okay. I assume its inspiration is drawn from the "Last Bus Home"

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(4:02) I always knew Larry was a bit of a weirdo...

They don't pull up 😔

I liked it :) Put on my channel...

really really cool!! a bit short bit that didnt hurt the game much. it was really scary and the taxi actually scared me! this is just a reaction compilation so its only 3 minutes long! please consider subscribing love yal!!

hello, thank you for playing!


very creepy. loved it

Bro I never write comments and I say plz make a sequal


Looks cool. Any mac version on the way ?


This was fantastic! The atmosphere was spot on, and it had a thin layer of comedy that helped ease some of the tension. I love the graphical style as well. Great short game! (First game in the video)

Hello Adrionic, Thank you for playing my game! and glad you liked it!

This had a very creepy atmosphere. Great work! 

Deleted 154 days ago

Thank you!

-Made a Video (05:44 / 2nd Game).

"What a nice creature, surely it won't do any harm to us..."

Enjoyable game.

Would love to see a few different endings.

That was a short, enjoyable game! Nice and simple!

i fed him

This was the first game I played in this video. I think what really shines in this game is the uncomfortablility the player is put through while waiting for their taxi! It is incredibly unsettling to know that this creature is watching you while you're in the dark woods alone! I would've loved to see the creature mess around with the player a bit more, but overall, I thought this was a really well done short indie horror game!

Hello Friend! thanks for playing!! glad you liked it

hahaha why did you take away my only friend from me !!! 

hope you enjoy the vid and the lil intro and dont mind the second game being in the same vid :D

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big creepy short ;D

Hi, Thanks For PLaying!! :)

Good short.

Hey Thank you!! Nice Video

capybara family noooo ):

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Great atmosphere. I liked the addition of the capybaras, which of course, I always do. I also wasn't expecting the monster at all, which I really liked. Overall this was super cool, and I agree with Niven, an extra ending could make the game even more enjoyable. Game #2

Hey! I will do an update

Night, car, and some horrors ahead! And PLAYSTATION X style!


love the game thank you 


Amazing game!
Great visuals, great ambience, I liked the monster. Maybe add a second ending. Fun! 👏👏👏


I agree with you Niven.  Quite a cool game but they certainly need to add another ending.  The atmosphere was great, I was looking in all directions anxiously waiting for the monster to appear.  

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