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muy xd el final espero q hagan juegos igual q este 

Really good ambiance 

This game was really strange (In a good way)! I think it could be interesting if there was a longer version of this game where the monster take you on different weird spooky adventures around the world. 



Fokin subscribe

Also great game even tho its short


okay they pull up

Great little game, the monster seems really nice actually!

Bro that black man scared me so Hard!

Starts at: 23:36

This game was actually pretty good even with the random moments I feel like missed something or got a bad ending regardless it’s a good game I played it in my video keep up the great work I hope you enjoy!!

Great game!!!

Game starts @ 03:28.

Didn't expect to befriend a random monster in the forest while waiting for a taxi...

I wouldn't say Dark Taxi was scary on an "ooh, spoopy jumpscare" sort of way. However, it did drive a great sense of mystery and intrigue.

Personally, I feel that without the final scare at the end, the game could have done well as a Lovecraftian horror.

There's definitely something there, and I'd be fascinated to see what else the dev would come up with moving forward.

Turkish gameplay

türkçe Dark Taxi

VAy be


capybara :,<

I would very much like to request a 'Strange creature' plushie with zoomies! Second Video @ 9:49 timestamp 

Played this on my stream a while ago and it gave us a really good laugh because of a certain accident. Creepy and unique concept are always great. Good job on this. Check my video if you'd like - 

لعبة رعب متخوفش| Drak taxi


Nice and short horror game! Wasn't expecting it, but the sounds really got to me and the dark of the woods was pretty spooky!

Good game! A bit too short though.

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I need to know what the giant hamsters were! I enjoyed the friendly shadow.

Good short atmospheric game ^^ And now I'm scared of taxis lol

Hey, Thanks for Playing! Good Video :)



Honestly I loved the graphics, it was also really fun to play and it was nice and short.

This was fun, kind of spooky, kind of silly, and lasted a good length of time (around 5 mins of gameplay). Nice work!

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noice! Pritty spooky

You scary person. You scared me. Loved it. Great job.

I enjoyed your game very much. Adding the capybaras was a nice, funny touch.

literally Ok I pull up momento

buen juego da para paja

creepy game

Nice game !


fun game! I was too scared to approach the scary dude so I waited a little too long for my taxi to come LOL but I had a great time and I hate that the taxi killed those precious anime :,( If you wanna see my blind reaction to this game heres a video!! this game starts at 5:20

Nice game! the best part was the capibaras. (I Play Dark taxi at 06:02)

Short and sweet! That dude was creepy but the fact there is a 1.5m tall 8 year old out there is bloody scary!

cool little game! wish it was longer!

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